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Howdy! M' name's Rojoka. 'm a former Engineer fer RED. I work as a robotic designer an' a repair man now a days.
So, ya need some fixin'?

((an RP/ask/art blog for a for a former Engineer OC. This blog shouldn't be taken very seriously, as there will be PLENTY of silliness. Will RP w/ any fandom!))


[She sat shyly in her chair, her Sentry project in hand. She didn’t want to present yet..everyone’d laugh at her. So she didn’t make eye-contact with Mr. Akai, hoping he wouldn’t pick her.]


-Rojoka looked around the classroom Trying to decide on who to pick to present. He saw Cecilia siting at her desk nervously- Cecilia, would yew like t’ present yer project t’ th’ class? - He smiled kindly in her direction, as most of the class turned looked at her-